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New Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Is Arms' Min Min

A cameo from Nintendo's latest competitive game is the next DLC fighter for Smash Bros., and a new presentation showed how she's armed and dangerous.


Nintendo held a Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation all about its next DLC character: Min Min from the wacky boxing-like game Arms. A debut trailer showed the various Arms characters knocking each other out over a chance to grab the Smash Bros. invite, only to have Min Min step in and grab it for herself. She's coming on June 29 for $5.99, or as part of the second Fighters Pass. Alongside an in-depth look at how Min Min fights, Nintendo also revealed other new content and features coming for Smash--you can see all of the news about Mii Fighter costumes, Spirits mode, and Amiibo figures below. Support for the game hardly seems to be slowing down.

The debut video was notably different, as Sakurai presented from his own house due to the state of emergency in Japan from the coronavirus. He even took a moment to show off his living room, including his dual-screen setup for multiplayer sessions or watching TV while he plays games.

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Min Min's Moves

The lengthy presentation showed off her move-set, and producer Masahiro Sakurai said she's particularly good against heavier characters. As you might expect, she has long reach and can throw her ring weapon. A slower Megawatt punch can KO opponents instantly if it's fully charged. Her kick can deflect projectiles, and she can use her arms to boost for a high-jump. Finally, her Final Smash unleashes a barrage of punches ending with her Dragon arm.

The fighter will also come with a new Arms-themed stage, the Spring Stadium. It's based on the arena format from Arms, and includes springboards for higher jumps. Arms drones will also fly around the battlefield delivering items. The update will also add 18 new music tracks, which Sakurai says represents almost the entire Arms stage soundtrack.

Smash Fighters, Spirits, And Amiibo

Also coming on June 29 will be a new set of Mii Fighter costumes. Those include Ninjara (Brawler) from Arms, Heihachi (Brawler) from Tekken, Marie (Gunner) and Callie (Brawler) from Splatoon, and Vault Boy (Gunner) from Fallout. Those will be available for 75 cents each.

A new Spirits feature will let you replay past matches for a high score, and it will keep a cumulative total of all your high scores. Going into one of these with lower equipment will give you a better score. In general with Spirits fights, buying additional Mii Fighter costumes can impact who you square off against.

Sakurai also showed Amiibo figures for Persona's Joker and Dragon Quest's Luminary Hero, both coming this fall.

More Fighters Incoming

We knew the new fighter would be from Arms in advance. Nintendo announced the crossover in March, and then teased this deep-dive over the weekend. The question was more about who exactly it would be and when they'd be coming. Sakurai ended the presentation by promising that despite the challenges of the quarantine, the Smash Bros. Ultimate team still plans to release five more fighters after Min Min.

This will be the first fighter in the second round of DLC coming to Smash Bros. The first Fighters Pass concluded with Byleth from Fire Emblem, but at the same time Nintendo teased another Fighters Pass incoming. This one will add six more fighters, and they're set to be released by December 31, 2021. That's a wide window, but we expect them to be released at a regular pace over that time.

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