New Smash Bros Character Confirmed From Fire Emblem

Conquest or Fate?


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During today's Nintendo Direct presentation, Super Smash Bros. director Masahrio Sakurai confirmed the next fighter coming to the popular fighting game. Corrin, the main player character from the Fire Emblem Fates/Conquest, will join the ever-expanding Smash roster next year.

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Like in the Fire Emblem games (and like the Wii Fit trainer and Robin in Super Smash Bros.), you can choose to make your Corrin character male or female. Several of Corrin's attacks revolve around the character's ability to turn into a dragon, and you can check that out in the gameplay video above (coming soon!).

The Fire Emblem fighter will join Smash sometime in February 2016.

The different versions of the strategy RPG Fire Emblem Fates/Conquest on 3DS, meanwhile, will be available on February 19. The story in the two games will be separate, but complementary, and if you purchase one game for $40, you'll be able to digitally download the other for $20.

You can read more of the Final Smash Bros. Direct announcements right here.

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