New Sims expansion this spring?

Fans of Electronic Arts' popular virtual life game may soon get another add-on for the game.


Although Electronic Arts hasn't made any official announcement, other sources have indicated that a new add-on for The Sims, EA's wildly popular virtual life game, is heading to stores in March. The new expansion, The Sims: Vacation, will let players take their sims to a number of different locations, including a beach, a mountain setting, and a wilderness camping area. While they're on vacation, sims will be able to play beach volleyball, go snowboarding, fishing, and hunting. In addition to the new activities, The Sims: Vacation will include a wide variety of new objects, such as a snowman, a sandcastle, and a carousel, along with a number of souvenir items.

The Sims: Vacation will be the fourth expansion to The Sims. The most recent expansion, The Sims: Hot Date, lets players take their sims on dates in a new downtown area, and it has consistently placed in the top three best-selling games since its release in November. The previous expansion packs, The Sims: House Party and The Sims: Livin' Large, also sold extremely well.

Maxis confirmed that they are working on a new expansion pack for The Sims, but did not confirm details. A spokesperson said an official announcement would be made next week. We'll post more information about the expansion when it is available.

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