New Sims 4 trailer makes constructing your house look fun again

You can now place entire rooms that can be stretched and moved when building a house.

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A new trailer for The Sims 4 released today offers a look at the game's new Build Mode, which appears to make building a house easier than ever.

As demonstrated in the video above, players can still build rooms by drawing walls like in past games. Alternatively, they can place entire rooms and then move and drag their sides to make them the proper size and fit. Those looking for an even quicker method for building can select to place rooms that are fully furnished; the items inside will be rearranged on the fly depending upon how its size is altered.

Other features shown in the trailer include three different height settings for walls, an option to add windows to a room with a single click (plus the ability to adjust the height of windows on the wall), and a way to add a foundation (and change its height) even after a house is already built. One especially nice feature is the ability to move an entire house after it's been built, so there's no need to worry about its initial placement restricting your ability to expand later on.

The Sims 4, unlike the most recent SimCity when it launched, will not require an Internet connection to play when it's released this fall on PC. It will also be playable by more people than its predecessor, as Maxis claims the game will run better on low-end machines than The Sims 3, which was notoriously system-intensive.

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