New Sims 4 DLC Lets You Dress as a Bear to Scare Your Friends

$20 Outdoor Retreat game pack now available; EA also confirms simulation game to launch on Mac in February.

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Electronic Arts and developer Maxis on Tuesday announced two pieces of big news around popular simulation game The Sims 4. First, the game's Outdoor Retreat add-on is now available for Windows PC, and second, the title will launch for Mac in February.

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat is a major new piece of content that allows players to take their Sims on a trip to virtual vacation destination Granite Falls. There, players can explore the deep woods, pitch a tent, enjoy outdoor activities such as stargazing or hiking, build a campfire and roast marshmallows, or even use the new Herbalism skill to create exotic remedies.

Outdoor Retreat also comes with bear costumes, which Sims can wear to spook other inhabitants of Granite Falls. The $20 add-on represents a new product line from Maxis called a "game pack," which is somewhere between a "stuff pack" and an "expansion pack" from The Sims series.

It requires the main Sims 4 game to play, and is available today through Origin.

Regarding the Sims 4's Mac news, Maxis confirmed the game will launch for in February, with a specific release date scheduled to be announced later. Everyone who already bought The Sims 4 on Windows will get the Mac version free.

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