New Silent Storm details emerge

Nival Interactive releases new information on its upcoming WWII-themed tactical role-playing game. New screens inside.


Developer Nival Interactive has released new gameplay information pertaining to Silent Storm, which is scheduled for release in September. The World War II-inspired game--which Nival describes both as a turn-based strategy game and as a tactical role-playing game--is set in 1943, and it will see players leading an elite multinational squad behind enemy lines to carry out a series of information-gathering and sabotage missions.

It's not yet clear how many soldiers and mercenaries players will be in control of at any one time, but Nival has stated that there are more than 40 different elite soldiers to enlist in the game, and that their professions will include scout, sniper, soldier, grenadier, medic, and engineer. As players progress through the nonlinear single-player campaign, they'll find themselves exposed to seasonal weather conditions and a realistic day-night cycle, although it's not yet clear what impact these features will have on the gameplay.

Further information on Silent Storm is scarce at present, save for the fact that the game will employ a true 3D engine and will ship with a map editor of some description. For more information on Silent Storm, which is being published in North America by JoWood, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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