New Silent Hill teased, Rush'N Attack reboot revealed

Konami hints at next survival horror title, arcade redux during San Francisco press event, also unveils Saw 2.


A well-received remake of the original aside, the Silent Hill franchise has been appropriately quiet since 2008's Double Helix-developed Silent Hill: Homecoming. That's likely to change soon, as Konami used its Gamers Day event this week to tease an Electronic Entertainment Expo reveal for the next installment of the series.

Saw 2 ensures that the next Silent Hill won't be the only new horror game from Konami.
Saw 2 ensures that the next Silent Hill won't be the only new horror game from Konami.

A brief trailer for the game opened with a camera slowly panning across a dimly lit environment. One item stood out from the backdrop: a green traffic sign with the words "Silent Hill" clearly legible even in the darkness. A moment later, a lone male figure was shown in the middle of a street, which was obscured by the survival horror series' trademark fog.

The man--clearly afraid of something--glanced furtively around the environment, before being attacked by a ghastly figure in the trailer's closing seconds. Finally, the trailer closed with the phrase "The Silence Ends" and a reference to this year's E3.

That wasn't the only horrific revelation to be had at Konami's event, as the publisher also debuted Saw 2. Set for release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Saw 2 casts players as the son of the original game's ill-fated protagonist.

As before, gameplay will consist of puzzles, minigames, and a dash of fighting as players try to guide the hero safely through the booby-trap-filled world of the serial killer Jigsaw. Much like the annualized films that inspired it, Saw 2 is following closely on the heels of its predecessor. The original game came out last October, with the sequel's release set for this fall.

Stabbing dudes is much easier when you employ a bit of stealth.
Stabbing dudes is much easier when you employ a bit of stealth.

The only thing scary about Konami's third game announcement was the prospect of taking a vintage arcade game and updating it for today's market without alienating fans. The publisher is attempting to strike that balance with Rush'N Attack Ex-Patriot, an Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network effort due out this fall.

In the game, players will control a lone soldier sent into Russia to find a missing ally, equipped with nothing more than a knife. As in the original, different weapons can be picked up from dispatched enemies, but Konami is also adding a stealth mechanic and melee kills for those who prefer the gruesome subtlety of a sharp knife to firearms.

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