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New Silent Hill And Fatal Frame Films Are Coming

Director Christophe Gans is planning two more horror films based on games.


Christophe Gans, the director of 2006's Silent Hill film adaptation, is planning on returning to the town for a follow-up. The French director spoke to the film site Allociné in his native language, and Rely on Horror has provided a translation of his statements. He told the site that he's also working on adapting another horror videogame series--Fatal Frame, a Japan-set series about seeking out ghosts with a camera. It's known as Project Zero in Japan.

"I have two horror film projects with (producer) Victor Hadida," Gans told the site. "I am working on the adaptation of the video game Project Zero. The film will take place in Japan. I especially don't want to uproot the game from its Japanese haunted house setting." This will be the first adaptation of the series. The most recent game in the series was Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water on Wii U, which used the GamePad as a camera.

"And we're also working on a new Silent Hill, Gans continued. "The project will always be anchored in this atmosphere of a small American town, ravaged by Puritanism. I think it's time to make a new one."

While the original Silent Hill reviewed poorly at release, it has enjoyed something of a cult following, and is generally regarded as one of the better film adaptations of a game. The second Silent Hill film, Silent Hill - Revelation, is generally regarded as being much worse, but Gans was not involved with that one.

These films are still in pre-production, and it's not clear whether a new Silent Hill film would be a direct sequel to the film or a direct adaptation of any of the games.

It's been a long time since the last Silent Hill game, 2012's Silent Hill: Downpour. Hideo Kojima was working on a new title for PS4, Silent Hills, which was infamously cancelled in 2015. Although there are occasional rumors of the series' return, the only formal plan publisher Konami has announced is for a slot machine.

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