New Shots: Treasure Strike

We've got our copy of Kid's action game Treasure Strike for the Dreamcast. Take a look inside.


In a world populated by big-name developers like Rare, AM2, and Polyphony Digital, the name Kid will probably draw a few blank looks if you were to name-drop this obscure Japanese developer. Previously known for its PlayStation game Pepsiman, Kid has just released a treasure-hunting adventure game for the Dreamcast called Treasure Strike.

Treasure Strike is a significant game in that it's an RPG-ish adventure that you can play online against other gamers using the Dreamcast's modem. It was so popular on its release date that, apparently, the Dricas server crashed from all the users who logged on that day. We'll have a full review of this unique title coming soon, but for the time being, check out the screenshots we've taken.

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