New Shots: Startopia

Eidos sheds a little more light on its upcoming strategy game.



Eidos' upcoming Startopia promises to take the city-building genre to otherworldly heights. In the game, players will have to repair a network of space stations, known as Torus, so that various species of aliens can reinhabit them. After rebuilding the stations, players will have to manage them successfully and turn a profit. Players will also be faced with competition from rivals, who will attempt to provide similar services to the aliens. Deciding on whether to use economic or military force to confront them will be entirely up to the player. Startopia will have nine different races, each with its own characteristics and history. Social issues such as crime and punishment, tension between alien races, entertainment, and leisure all need to be addressed in order to maintain a successful station.

Eidos plans on adding a number of other features such as technology trees, security features to deal with internal and external problems, the ability to trade goods, and multiplayer support for up to three other station managers.

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