New Shots: Gungriffon Blaze

We bring you new screenshots of Gungriffon Blaze, the third installment in the series from Game Arts.


Gungriffon Blaze

GameSpot News brings you new screens and details on Gungriffon Blaze, the third installment in the Gungriffon series for the Sony PlayStation 2. Players will take control of a mech to accomplish several missions in the game. Players will work with other mechs in missions, and at certain times, they will request reinforcements. It is up to the players to decide whether to help or remain in their area and continue to battle. The computer voice in the mech's cockpit will be using the English language with Japanese subtitles, so perhaps importers may understand a good chunk of the game during play.

Developed by Game Arts and published by Capcom, Gungriffon Blaze for the Sony PlayStation 2 is expected to hit stores in Japan sometime in August.

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