New Shogun Screens and Info

Creative Assembly gives GameSpot exclusive art of the upcoming Japanese-themed real-time strategy game.


GameSpot recently was sent several new and exclusive screenshots of Shogun: Total War from Creative Assembly, the developers of the game. In our preview, published last year, we indentified this game as a promising real-time strategy game set in 16th century medieval Japan, when warlords vied continuously for the honor of crowning themselves Shogun of Japan. The game is still very much a historical strategy game, but since our preview, quite a bit has changed. The game was initially scheduled to ship at the end of last year but was pushed back to a spring 2000 release so Creative Assembly could add new movie clips from Ran to the game and to enhance the gameplay.

GameSpot has lined up a preview of the newly-enhanced and soon-to-ship game and will be bringing you that hands-on look in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, we've learned that one significant change is that the sizes of armies have been dramatically increased, as you can see from the screenshots. The size of each individual battalion has been bumped up from 60 soldiers to 120. So with multiple generals and multiple battalions at play in skirmishes, the size of conflicts has increased significantly.

For those interested in more about the game, read our preview, linked to the right.

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