New Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Gameplay Footage Shows Off Hub World, Alpaca-Petting, And More

Welcome to Paititi.


Square Enix has released a new Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer that contains 10 minutes of brand-new footage. The focus of the video is on the game's new hub world, Paititi, which is apparently the largest hub world ever for a Tomb Raider game.

Paititi, which you'll discover in the game after a period of time, is a place untouched by modern civilisation. It is broken up into multiple districts that you can explore to find challenge tombs and sidequests. You can also visit the marketplace to trade for new items. The video also shows Lara Croft petting an Alpaca, which is nice.

Also on display in the video is Shadow of the Tomb Raider's immersion mode, which makes it so NPC speak in their native language. The idea is that this will make the game feel even more authentic. You can toggle this on or off.

We also see Lara leave the main hub world to embark on a mission that sees her climbing, swimming, and navigating through tombs. In this video, exploration difficulty is set to "hard," so that's why you don't see the white paint on surfaces that will show up to show you were to climb when playing on a lower difficulty.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider launches on September 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's interview with the developers where they talk about if Lara is becoming a villain.

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