New Seaman In The Works, Hints The Game's Creator

The quirky Dreamcast classic could be getting a sequel.


There are few games as quirky as Dreamcast's 2000 release Seaman. Now it seems Seaman could be getting a new sequel, according to a pair of tweets from the game's creator.

As you see above, Yoot Saito tweeted a photo of his team wearing t-shirts with the Seaman tagline "DON'T PANIC" written on them. The t-shirts point to a website,, which includes a basic image of Seaman's iconic frog-man character and the words "under construction."

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A few days prior, Saito also tweeted this, showing the audio CD recording of Seaman's voiceovers (provided by Leonard Nimoy, of course). Voiceovers and voice commands were very important in Seaman, which used Dreamcast's microphone to allow you to converse with your gill-men characters.

When Seaman was released in 2000, GameSpot reviewer Frank Provo said it elicited "the gamut of controversy, praise, and contempt" while combining "the rigors of pet care with the novelty of voice recognition." The game's unusual visual style and quirky gameplay earned it a cult following. You guide your virtual companions' evolution from eggs, to swimming tadpole-men, to frog-men, all while conversing with them via the microphone.

A sequel to the game came out in 2007, but was never released outside of Japan. We're following the story, and will report back on the latest news of a potential Seaman sequel.

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