New screens: Evil Twin

Ubi Soft releases some screenshots from the upcoming PC version of this creepy 3D platform game.


Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles

Ubi Soft has released a new group of screenshots from its upcoming 3D platform game, Evil Twin. The new screens show off a number of creepy characters and dark environments that will appear in the game. Evil Twin follows the story of Cyprien, an orphan who is sucked into a parallel universe in which he must rescue a series of kidnapped children. The game will include around 70 sections on eight different levels. Once Cyprien finds a certain item, he can transform into Super Cyp, an evil version of Cyprien who can throw lightning bolts and perform superhuman jumps.

Evil Twin is in development at In Utero, the developer that created Rayman 2, and it is scheduled for release later this year.

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