New screens: Europa Universalis II

Paradox releases new screens from its upcoming strategy sequel.


Paradox Entertainment has released two new screenshots from its upcoming strategy game, Europa Universalis II. The new screenshots show off some of the game's new features and improved graphics.

Europa Universalis II will use the same adjustable real-time strategy system found in the previous game, and it will add a variety of new features, such as new diplomacy, trade, military, and development options, as well as improved graphics, music, and sound. The game will let players command one of 180 countries, beginning in the 15th century and ending in the early 19th century. Players will control all domestic and foreign policies, and they can engage in war and trade, explore new lands, and send out missionaries to convert infidels to your chosen religion.

Europa Universalis II is in development at Paradox Entertainment, and it will be published by Strategy First this holiday season. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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