New screens: Doom III

The upcoming shooter from id Software needs no introduction. Look inside for the first new screenshots from the game since E3.


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Doom III was one of the most talked-about games at E3 2002. The 11-minute real-time E3 demo was the first good look the public had at this highly anticipated id Software game. Doom III's high-tech graphics engine is capable of advanced real-time lighting, and the dramatic shadows should enhance the horror setting. All the graphical effects are best seen in motion, but these two new screenshots do show the level of detail in Doom III's characters and environments. The shots depict the martian science installation where the game starts out.

The new screenshots were released to coincide with Activision's European press event, Activate. The next major look at the game is expected to come at QuakeCon 2002, which will be held August 15 through August 18 in Mesquite, Texas, where id Software is based. For more information, check out our previous coverage of Doom III.

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