New screens: DarkSpace

Palestar releases a group of new screenshots from its online space combat game.



Texas-based Palestar has released a new group of screenshots from its upcoming space combat simulation, DarkSpace. The new screens display some of the game's detailed ship models and colorful space environments. We've also posted some previously released screens in the gallery to the left.

DarkSpace, which was previously known as Battle Isle: DarkSpace, is set in a dynamic online universe in which players participate in a variety of scenarios. They will begin the game as an ensign pilot and will be able to work their way up to the rank of grand admiral in command of a capital ship.

DarkSpace is built on PaleStar's proprietary Medusa engine, and it supports real-time particle effects, detailed space environments, and realistic stereo sound. The game features more than 18 types of ships and more than 49 types of ship enhancements. Players can participate in a variety of scenarios ranging from one-on-one skirmishes to huge 200-player wars.

DarkSpace is in open beta testing at Palestar, and the developer is currently looking for a US publisher for the game. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game. To sign up for the ongoing beta test, visit the official DarkSpace Web site.

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