New screens: Bridge Commander

Activision sends us a new batch of screenshots from its upcoming Star Trek sim.


Star Trek Bridge Commander

We received seven new screenshots of Star Trek Bridge Commander, the space simulator that's currently in development at famed game designer Larry Holland's studio, Totally Games. The new images show off some of the impressive space effects in the game, including a gaseous nebula, a galaxy cluster, and a massive, fiery star. Bridge Commander has players assuming the role of a captain onboard Starfleet Galaxy- and Sovereign-class ships, and they are to investigate a mysterious explosion that ripped through a Starfleet research facility. The game is played from the captain's perspective, and instead of actually controlling the ship itself, players will have to issue orders to the various crewmen, who will then carry out those wishes to the best of their abilities.

Originally scheduled to come out sometime this year, Star Trek Bridge Commander is now on track for an April 2002 release. For more information on the game, be sure to read our 913867previous coverage .

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