New screens: BloodRayne

Here are a bunch of new screens from Terminal Reality's upcoming horror-themed action game, which is set for release this Halloween.


Majesco is currently on a press tour to show off the console versions of BloodRayne, but it has also taken the time to release a big bunch of new high-resolution screenshots from the PC version of the game. BloodRayne puts players in the role of a female half vampire with a variety of supernatural powers. Set just before World War II, the game will set players on a quest to foil the plans of the Nazi army using powers such as enhanced senses, a Max Payne-like time-slowing ability, and varying levels of "bloodlust," a power that is activated when BloodRayne consumes certain quantities of human blood, which boosts her combat abilities considerably.

Appropriately enough, BloodRayne's release is set for Halloween 2002. For more information, read our previous coverage of the game.

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