New Screens: AquaNox

Massive sends us a batch of new screenshots from its upcoming underwater action game.



Massive Development sent us some new screenshots from its upcoming underwater action game, AquaNox. The futuristic game is the sequel to the submarine simulation game Archimedian Dynasty, and it is in development at German studio Fishtank Interactive. Players assume the role of Emerald "Dead Eye" Flint, a mercenary in control of an advanced submarine.

The game takes place during the 27th century, after a nuclear holocaust has forced humankind to seek refuge beneath the seas. A secret scientific experiment has backfired, causing destructive undersea earthquakes. These earthquakes reveal a number of caverns, which release terrifying monsters that have been imprisoned beneath the ocean floor for ages.

Flint must fight against this ancient evil to save the seas. In his quest, he will travel through steep mountain ranges, complex systems of caverns, underwater cities, and a variety of other 3D landscapes. In addition to the ancient monsters, he will confront insane cavemen, rebel fighters, giant squid, and several other sea creatures.

For more information about AquaNox, visit the official Massive Development Web site.

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