New screens: Anno 1503

Sunflowers sends us a batch of new screenshots from the sequel to 1602 A.D.


1503 A.D. - The New World

Sunflowers sent us a new group of screenshots showing off some of the different climatic zones that will appear in its upcoming real-time strategy game Anno 1503. The game, which is the sequel to 1602 A.D., is currently in development at Max Design. Like the previous game, Anno 1503 will focus on diplomacy and trade during the age of exploration.

The game will feature four different climatic zones--polar, tundra, northern temperate, and southern. Each zone will include distinct plants and animals, as well as unique resources. Crops will grow differently in the different zones, and the game features a number of soil types with varying fertility, represented by different shades of green. Soil near rivers and forests will be more fertile than that found in other areas.

For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game. Anno 1503 is scheduled for release this spring.

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