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New Rust Update Adds Twitch Drops, Wipes Blueprints

Twitch drops, higher server capacity, and more have come to the survival game.


Facepunch Studios is trying to capitalize on the recent wave of new players that has flocked to its popular game Rust by quickly providing updates and new features. The studio announced that it had enabled Twitch drops, increased its server capacity, added streamer-specific rewards, and more, all via its monthly update.

"We're expecting to see huge player counts over the coming days, server capacity is something we're keeping a close eye on and proactively bringing more servers online," the studio wrote in a post on its official site. "We're already boosting the official server count by 13 servers preemptively today."

Rust cracked the 1 million viewer threshold in 2021 thanks to a number of big-time streamers picking the game up. Facepunch enabled Twitch drops for those who are watching streamers play the survival game. A couch, industrial door, and "hobo barrel" can be unlocked for watching eight hours of Rust content on Twitch.

The studio has also added streamer specific rewards for the following people: Auronplay, Jacksepticeye, lilypichu, ludwig, Myth, pokimane, shroud, Sykkuno and xQc. Tune in to these specific channels to receive one of the items below while logged in to your Twitch account.

Rust streamer Twitch drops.
Rust streamer Twitch drops.

Other new additions include server save backups, centralized banning, and a complete blueprint wipe. Blueprints let players craft new items and act as the main source of progression in Rust. Wiping the blueprints of all players is a big deal, but Facepunch wants all players to be on the same level now that tech trees have added more structure to the game.

"For the first time in years we are force-wiping blueprints across all rust servers," the studio wrote. "Due to the recent introduction of tech trees we feel as though this is the right move to get everyone on equal footing once again. Don't expect another blueprint wipe for a long, long while!"

You can check out more details from the update on the studio's official site. If you're looking to play Rust on console, then you might be in luck. The ESRB has published a rating for Rust on Xbox One and PS4, indicating that the game might not be too far away from launch. Prior to its official launch, it underwent numerous design changes and content was regularly added and removed. At one point, it featured zombies, but they were replaced by more realistic threats. Earlier reviews were not positive, but it appears to have finally won over players. Whether it can retain them remains to be seen.

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