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New Rock Band In Development for Xbox One, PS4 - Report

Source says Harmonix is indeed working on another game in the music series, as dev also teases major plans for PAX East.

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Developer Harmonix has started work on an all-new Rock Band game, according to a new report from Bloomberg. This new game is in development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, according to a source said to be "familiar with Harmonix's plans" but not authorised to speak officially.

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It wouldn't be all that surprising to learn that Harmonix is indeed working on another entry in its once-popular music-rhythm series. After all, the developer has for a long time now spoken about its "grand plans" to revive the franchise for current-generation consoles.

Last month Harmonix released yet another survey that asked fans what they would like to see in a new Rock Band game if the studio were to make one. In addition, Harmonix just recently began launching new DLC for Rock Band, something it hadn't done in more than two years, leading some to believe bigger plans for the series were in the works.

Bloomberg's report came on the same day that this year's PAX East pins were revealed. Curiously, the Harmonix pin is a question mark, suggesting the developer may make some kind of announcement either before PAX East (March 6-8) or sometime during the show. Even more interestingly, Harmonix coyly teased the mysterious PAX East pin (see below).

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For the first time in two years, Harmonix will have a booth at PAX East where it will show off new games. During a recent podcast, a Harmonix representative said the developer still had "a ton of stuff that we need to announce" between now and the beginning of March, suggesting a new Rock Band game might be one of those projects.

Harmonix added that it will have a major presence at the show, coming to the event with possibly its biggest booth ever. There will be at least three Harmonix games playable at the booth, including A City Sleeps, the company's Samsung Gear VR project, and the new Amplitude game for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

A Harmonix representative told GameSpot: "We're excited by how enthusiastic our fans have been in regards to our most recent DLC releases, and we think it's awesome that people are speculating about the future of the franchise!"

"While we still don't have anything to announce, hundreds of thousands of unique users are still actively playing Rock Band games each month. This passion our fans have shown for Rock Band over the years suggests that rock truly hasn't died, and we've always been clear that we'd love to return to the franchise when the time is right."

The Rock Band series may not be the only music-rhythm series making a comeback. Activision has also teased that the Guitar Hero series will return some day.

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