New Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Video Shows an Immortal Enemy

Jack Baker doesn't go down easily.


Capcom has released a creepy new gameplay video for horror game Resident Evil 7. Titled "Immortal," the video shows the player killing the character Jack Baker...only he doesn't die.

Jack collapses to the floor after the player shoots him in the chest multiple times, but that's not enough to bring him down for good, apparently. "Oh, no, no, no. Now you're going to get it, boy," he says as he gets to his feet, just before the video cuts out. "Something's not quite right with Jack," the video's description reads. Check it out:

This is episode six of Capcom's ongoing Resident Evil 7 gameplay teaser series. The first two in the Volume series came out earlier this month; one teased that a character from past games may return, while the other showed off a shotgun. Last week, two more came out, highlighting knife abilities and save points. The sixth video, which taught players how to heal themselves with herbs, arrived this week.

Resident Evil 7 is set to release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 24, 2017. A deluxe version of the game will be available for $89.99 and includes the game and a season pass with three extra story chapters.

GameSpot recently got the opportunity to play the upcoming survival-horror game and found that it continues to break tradition.

You can try out Resident Evil 7 right now through its new "Twilight" demo. It allows players to explore "more of the mysterious, derelict mansion" featured in it.

A new Resident Evil movie, The Final Chapter, also comes out in January 2017. At New York Comic-Con this month, Sony released a full-length trailer for the movie that teased an epic conclusion.

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