New Resident Evil 4 explores more of Ada Wong

The PlayStation 2 version of the survival horror game will feature new gameplay with the heroine as the protagonist; new gun also included in the game.


Resident Evil 4

Like a horde of unrelenting zombies, the Resident Evil series keeps coming and coming, much to the delight of fans of the horror genre. Recently, publisher Capcom announced that a Resident Evil game is in the works for next-generation systems, and today, news broke that a remake of the original would be haunting the Nintendo DS. Now, more Resident Evil news has creeped to the surface.

Resident Evil 4, considered by many to be the best of the series, was released for the GameCube earlier this year. The game was originally scheduled to be an exclusive to the console but was later announced for the PlayStation 2. The game's story was a departure from the series, taking the action away from the cursed town of Raccoon City, which can't seem to catch a break from the undead. In RE4, series hero Leon is on special assignment from the US government to track down the president's missing daughter, which leads him to a strange village in Spain filled with, not so surprisingly, zombielike inhabitants.

According to Japanese magazine Famitsu, the PS2 version of RE4 will do some departing of its own by slightly deviating from the GameCube version, presenting some new features.

The biggest addition to the game will be a new scenario, which roughly translates to "The Other Order" in English. Gamers expecting to take on a whole new slew of enemies with Leon will be thrown for a curve, as Leon won't even be featured in the new gameplay. That role belongs to Ada Wong, the sultry siren who made her return to the series in the GameCube version of RE4 after she was thought to have met her maker in Resident Evil 2.

As Ada, gamers will unload on enemies with the same arsenal of weapons (handguns, shotguns, and more) that Leon uses. There were no details on the side plot's storyline, but screens in Famitsu do show the heroine in scenes with Luis Sera, another character from RE4.

The PS2 version will also feature a new gun, called the P.R.L.412. Screens show the gun emitting huge bolts of electricity and running on a battery, rather than a finite amount of ammunition. The gun takes up about as much space as the shotgun and resembles a portable railgun.

Resident Evil 4 for the PlayStation 2 will be released in the US on October 25 and is rated M for Mature. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage or read the full review of the GameCube version.

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