New Remnant 2 Gameplay Explores Expanded Archetype System

New pre-alpha gameplay has been released ahead of the game's Summer 2023 launch.


Developer Gunfire Games has shared a brand-new look at Remnant 2 in a 9-minute gameplay video, which explores a new environment and several class Archetypes.

The pre-alpha gameplay features Yaesha, a swampy jungle-like area and one of many environments the player will explore in Remnant 2. In the first segment, the footage shows the player in The Forbidden Grove while using the Handler class, which allows the player a dog companion that can be directed to take down enemies. The canine also has a health bar and can supply the player with perks through three combat modes, such as Guard Dog for drawing enemy attention, Support Dog for AOE healing, and Attack Dog for increased DPS.

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The Challenger Archetype appears to be a much more tank-like class that comes equipped with powerful damage-dealing weapons like a grenade launcher, as well as a revolver and greatsword. The gameplay shows the player swiftly switching from each weapon while exploring what looks to be a dungeon in an area called The Lament filled with different enemy types, like close-range brawlers and ones that cast spells from a distance.

The final class showcased is the Gunslinger and, like its name suggests, makes the player look a lot like a cowboy. This class comes with a shotgun, a melee weapon, and a pistol that can produce rapid-fire damage. At the end of the footage, the player encounters a world boss called Mother Mind. The area around the boss changes throughout the battle, forcing the player to balance consecutive attacks from the enemy and traversal at the same time.

Remnant 2 is the sequel to 2019's Remnant: From the Ashes and is set to launch this Summer for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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