New Rayman, Rabbids mobile games revealed

Ubisoft confirms Rayman Fiesta Run and Rabbids Big Bang coming to mobile devices this fall.


Rayman Fiesta Run

New Rayman and Rabbids mobile games are in the works, Ubisoft announced today.

Rayman: Fiesta Run launches this fall for smartphones and tablets and is a follow-up to Rayman: Jungle Run, which released last year.

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Fiesta Run introduces a "new wacky Fiesta world" featuring 75 levels in four distinct worlds. The game also includes "epic bosses" and new Invasion levels. It was developed using the UbiArt engine, the same technology behind console game Rayman Legends.

The new Rabbids mobile game is called Rabbids Big Bang, described as a physics-based game set in outer space. Players will control the zany creatures using jetpack boosts and the gravitational force of planets, among other things.

Developed by Ubisoft Paris, Rabbids Big Bang features 150 different missions, including "crash landing on planets, bouncing off of space cows, and reaching specific speeds." The game launches this fall and also boasts customization options, allowing players to fine-tune their jetpacks and dress the Rabbids in various outfits.

Ubisoft did not announce specific launch dates or pricing information for Rayman Fiesta Run or Rabbids Big Bang. Both games were previously leaked ahead of schedule last week.

Other Ubisoft announcements today include Assassin's Creed: Pirates, Child of Light, and Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD.

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