New Pulse Red Xbox Series X Controller Announced, Costs $65 And Launches Soon

Introducing the Pulse Red Xbox controller, which launches February 9 in most markets.


Microsoft has announced a new Xbox Series X controller color, and this one looks really nice. The Pulse Red controller features a cool design with a red, white, and black color scheme.

This is the new Xbox controller, so you can expect to see the various improvements such as textured dot patterns on the triggers and bumpers and the improved D-pad design. This controller also has what Microsoft calls Dynamic Latency Input to help reduce lag between when you press a button to when it responds in the game.

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This controller, like the other new ones, can also be customized using the Xbox Accessories app where you can map the buttons to your liking. The controller works on both console and PC, and you can use it as a Bluetooth controller for Xbox Game Pass through an Android device.

The Pulse Red controller goes on sale January 12 in China, while "most Xbox markets" will get it starting February 9. This new controller costs $65 USD, which is more expensive than the standard black or white ones.

This is the fourth color option for the new Xbox Series X controller, following the three that were available when the console launched in November: Carbon Black, Robot White, and Shock Blue. All of these controllers work with the regular Xbox One as well.

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