New publisher to target Middle Eastern gaming market

Red Stallion Interactive to manage content rooted in Arab and Middle Eastern culture; targeting mobile and online PC platforms.


There hasn't been all that much buzz surrounding the gaming market in the Middle East, but that may be about to change.

Game agency Digital Development Management and Arabian Gulf-based company Trans Technologies have joined forces to form a new publishing house called Red Stallion Interactive. According to a recent press release on the company website, the new publisher will focus on developing and distributing games across the Middle East.

Red Stallion hopes to address the
Red Stallion hopes to address the "growing appetite" for Middle Eastern gaming.

The company, with offices located in Doha, Qatar, Manama, the Kingdom of Bahrain, and Northampton, Massachusetts, will address the "growing appetite" for video games in the Middle East. The content of the games will have Arab and Middle Eastern culture and influences, and it will be targeted for mobile and PC platforms.

According to Dr. Mohamed Juman, representative shareholder for Trans Technology, Red Stallion "will look to bridge the gap by focusing distribution of relevant and appropriately localized games and media."

Digital Development Management was founded in 2005 and represented clients like Slightly Mad Studios, Ninja Theory, and Turtle Rock Studios.

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