New PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat Update Cracks Down On Plug-In Abuse

If PUBG Mobile players are caught using cheats, their account could be banned for 10 years.


A new update for PUBG Mobile has rolled out on Android and iOS devices that bolster the game's extensive anti-cheat measures, PUBG Mobile's Anti-Cheat Team announced in a press release.

The new wave of measures enacts of series of changes to eliminate the known exploits players are using to get an unfair advantage in-game. This includes cheats like auto-aim, plug-ins that let players kill others immediately after parachuting, hacks that grant players unfair visual advantages, and more. Should players be caught engaging in this cheating behavior, they could face a 10-year ban on their account. This anti-cheat update comes not long after PUBG Mobile banned some two million cheaters in a single week.

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In addition to these measures, the latest PUBG Mobile update also features a few anti-cheat upgrades. The new updates optimize the spectator field of view so cheaters can't exploit the camera and stabilize performance to prevent players from using lag or latency issues to their advantage, among other things. You can read the full patch notes below.

PUBG Mobile players should be careful about the plug-ins they are using.
PUBG Mobile players should be careful about the plug-ins they are using.

In other PUBG Mobile news, a $2 million esports tournament was announced alongside the game's official 1.0 update. This update will feature some substantial enhancements, including up to 36% improvement in frame rate and up to 76% reduction of lag.

New PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat Patch Notes

Note: PUBG Mobile has omitted the names of the exploitative plug-ins for security reasons.

  • Plug-Ins Z and M:
    • Since earlier in the year, "Plug-In Z" has allowed cheaters to kill other players immediately after parachuting, causing initial gameplay to be severely altered. In early July, the plug-in was successfully countered, and the corresponding accounts have been penalized as well. In the latest version, the counter has also upgraded to strengthen the defense. Similarly, jail-broken Android devices with "Plug-In M," which in the past allowed for unfair behaviors such as "Zero Recoil," "Zero Screen Shake," "Auto-Aim," "Vision Expansion," and "Fog Removal," have also been identified. Cheaters caught using these plug-ins have received ten-year bans on their accounts.
  • Auto-Aim:
    • For fairness in weapon aim, in PUBG Mobile Version 1.0, the anti-cheat team focused on identifying and successfully removing approximately 20 different methods of auto-aim and increased the penalty of auto-aim hack at the same time. Additional methods are continually monitored and addressed through updated detection protocols.
  • Grass Hack:
    • The ongoing "Grass Hack," which provides cheaters with an unfair visual advantage in battles, has also been eliminated. Existing security systems that identify this behavior now include increased security for prevention.
  • Optimized Spectating System:
    • The monitoring scope of the enemy's position visibility via spectating has been optimized and expanded. Cheaters can no longer manipulate the existing Spectate Mode with multiple accounts to gain an unfair visual advantage.
  • Optimized Monitoring Performance:
    • Optimized the impact of security monitoring on performance and reduced the power consumption and lag caused by security monitoring, ensuring a smooth gaming experience while protecting the game's integrity
  • Miscellaneous Updates:
    • Several other countermeasures have been implemented, including fixed engine security risks, process and tools of security protocols, increased Livik penalty thresholds, chat channel plug-in promotions and a crackdown on Team Death Match cheaters.

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