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New PS5 Update Will Make Your Controller Louder And Your Console Dimmer

Currently in beta testing, the upcoming firmware update also adds helpful Share Screen functionality.


A new PS5 update is coming, and once it exits the beta part of testing, users can expect a few quality-of-life upgrades for their console. The big features in the next firmware update include several enhancements for the DualSense controller, as Sony aims to improve the speaker and microphone functionality.

According to Sony, the controller speakers will be capable of higher-volume sound for more clarity. Meanwhile, the built-in microphone is getting improved noise-cancellation features, courtesy of a new AI machine learning model. Sony says background noise from button presses and game audio will be suppressed once the update has been installed.

On the console itself, Sony is adding a new option to adjust the brightness of the PS5's power indicator. This is the bar strip that glows white when the console is switched on, and you'll be able to apply bright, medium, and dim settings. Sadly, you can't change the color to blue when you're playing games.

Yes, the PS5 will soon have Beep and light settings.
Yes, the PS5 will soon have Beep and light settings.

Lastly, the Share Screen function will offer more options to viewers, as pointers and emoji reactions are being added. Viewers can move a pointer around, send a ping, or draw a line on the shared screen--features which could come in very handy when you're looking for assistance on a tricky level and you ask an experienced player to help guide you.

Or you can annoy your friends with emojis, it's up to you.
Or you can annoy your friends with emojis, it's up to you.

This new PS5 update comes hot on the heels of January's one, as Sony added more than just system stability last month. New audio settings and enhancements for Pulse Explore earbuds and the Pulse Elite headset were added to the console alongside new features for the Parties function.

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