New PS4, Xbox One game Chariot has you transporting your father's remains to a burial site

2D couch co-op adventure game from Frima Studio launching this year on PlayStation 4; no word on Xbox One release date.


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It's time to update the list of 100 games coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2014, as Canadian developer Frima Studio today announced that its 2D couch co-op adventure platformer Chariot is coming to the PS4 this fall. Chariot is also coming to the Xbox One, but it's unclear when that version will be released.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Frima Studio executive producer Martin Brouard explained what Chariot is all about. In the game, you need to guide a chariot through underground levels using physics-based mechanics like pushing, pulling, riding, and reeling. Though Chariot was designed for multiplayer, "it's also super fun to play solo," Brouard says.

As for its story, Chariot is the story of a princess who is tasked with carrying her father's remains to his final resting place. With the help of her fiance, she takes hold of the chariot and carries the king's remains through underground puzzles to reach a final burial site.

Unfortunately for her, the king's ghost is bound to the chariot and "has quite a temper." The ghosts insists that he be buried with vast riches, so you'll also need to collect loot in the caves. You can see more images of Chariot on the PlayStation Blog.

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