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New PS4 Model With 1TB Hard Drive Spotted

The FCC has certified two new PlayStation 4 models.


The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has certified two new PlayStation 4 models, indicating Sony is planning to release new SKUs for its current home console.

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More specifically, it seems there will be two variants of the same model, with the most obvious difference between them being the size of the hard drive

According to the FCC certificate, spotted by DualShockers, model CUH-1215A will feature a 500 gigabyte capacity, which is the same as current PS4 models. Model CUH-1215B, however, will feature a one terabyte hard drive.

Given how similar the new model numbers are to those of the existing PS4s, it is unlikely that the new models will be drastically different.

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The second notable change is that the new models generate 230 watts of power, as opposed to the 250 watts of the original. Amperage has also changed from 2.3-9.95 A to A.

Finally, the new models weigh 2.5 kilograms, instead of 2.8 kilograms.

Sony has made it easy for PS4 owners to swap in new hard drives, and the console even supports solid state drives. For those interested in upgrading the memory capacity on their current consoles, check out our guide to upgrading PS4 hard drives.

Sony's E3 2015 press briefing time has been confirmed for 6 PM PDT on Monday, June 15. Although it didn't offer any details about what to expect from the show. It's likely we'll see Tearaway: Unfolded and No Man's Sky, the two games a Sony executive recently cited as being integral to company's holiday lineup.

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