New PS4 Game Concrete Genie Revealed

Turn graffiti into living creatures in this new game for PS4.


During Sony's press conference at Paris Games Week, we were shown the reveal of the new colorful adventure game Concrete Genie, coming from developer Pixelopus. Coming to PS4, the game is set in an urban setting that's dreary and rundown, but will soon find its color and beauty thanks to an imaginative young kid with a magical brush. Taking on the role of a young outcast with a wild imagination, the magical brush can turn his creative drawings into living creatures and artifacts from the many structures around the city.

Using this brush, the youth will be able to bring his imagination to life and create drawings and other designs that give the city more vibrancy and color. Some of these creations can help solve environmental puzzles and reveal clues about the setting to help the main character Turning the grey and depressing town into something lively, the young artist will amass a large following of colorful creations that will follow him around the urban setting to give it a more pleasant atmosphere. From the trailer, things looked to be very colorful, and the level of customization with your creations looked to be fairly extensive.

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