New PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Footage Shows Off Creatures and Crafting

Crafting is key.


Today Sony showed off more footage of Horizon: Zero Dawn, the new game from Killzone studio Guerilla Games, at its Paris Games Week press conference.

Horizon is an action-RPG set 1000 years in the future, where fantastical machines with metal armor and skin roam the lands. These creatures are part organic, but mostly machine. In a new demo we saw today, our heroine--named Aloy--hunts a group of creatures called Grazers for a specific resource that is carried in canisters on their backs.

The game is about knowing your enemy and your environments, and you have to use the tools available to adapt to each specific situation and exploit the creatures you're hunting. In the demo, Aloy used a bow and arrow to take down creatures called Grazers, but another Grazer came after Aloy to avenge their fallen brethren. Aloy looted the corpses of the fallen Grazers for crafting materials that can be used later to build things like weapons.

We also watched Aloy take on a larger enemy in a boss battle. She used her bow and arrow and crossbow to hit the more vulnerable parts of the monster. After hitting an exposed piece of wire and flesh, the creature exploded into flames.

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