New PS3 games touted in Tokyo, GT5 Prologue in October

Sega, Koei, and Namco Bandai reveal titles at Sony event, including an alternate-history game, Dynasty Warriors 6, and a new title from Katamari creator Keita Takahashi; Polyphony Digital's racer hits Japan in three months.


TOKYO--At the PlayStation Premiere 2007 press conference held in Roppongi Hills yesterday, major Japanese game publishers announced the latest status on the development of their PlayStation 3 titles, and also unveiled a few new games that weren't shown at last week's E3 Media & Business Summit in California.

For the first time in Japan, Polyphony Digital showed off Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Studio head Kazunori Yamauchi played a demo of the game, showing how its menu options have been seamlessly integrated with online features, such as a profile editor and an online event calendar. Going on a race, Yamauchi showed how Gran Turismo 5 can run with up to 16 cars on the track, and with more sophisticated artificial intelligence than in previous series installments.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is scheduled to come out in Japan in October to coincide with the Tokyo Motor Show, where a number of new Japanese sports cars that are included in the game will make their debut. For those fluent in Japanese, the game's official Web site has more details.

Namco Bandai Games showed a trailer of Tekken 6 and announced that development of the arcade version is almost complete. The game began beta testing in Tokyo two weeks ago, and it is scheduled to officially hit arcades in the fall. A PS3 version of the game is planned for release within a year of its arcade ship date, and will include additional modes and online play. Namco Bandai also reconfirmed that the online-enabled version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection would be released via the PlayStation store next month.

Time Crisis 4's development for the PS3 is far along, and the game is scheduled for a worldwide release at the end of 2007. Today in Tokyo, Namco Bandai Games vice president Shin Unozawa showed off the GunCon 3, the first gun controller ever for the console. Unozawa appealed to the other publishers at the event, inviting them to also make games that take advantage of the controller.

Though the fate of Beautiful Katamari on the PS3 is unclear, fans of the series got a pleasant surprise at the end of Namco Bandai's stage show. Katamari's creator Keita Takahashi is working on a new title named Nobinobi Boy. The game is apparently still in its early stages of development, but the audience was shown a concept video where a very long and squiggly, green caterpillar-like character wriggled around very naturally through the screen for 30 seconds. Unozawa explained that Takahashi has been thinking about the Nobinobi Boy game concept for the past two years, but it couldn't have become a reality without the physics calculation capabilities of the PS3.

Sega unveiled a new title named Senjou no Valkyria (The Valkyrie of War), an action/strategy RPG that takes place during a fictional European conflict in 1935. A trailer was shown where villages were destroyed by tanks and armored soldiers. The story seems to be focused on a group of civilian volunteers that assemble to protect their homeland. Despite its dark-sounding story, the game's graphics look like watercolors from a picture book. Sega calls this its new "CANVAS" rendering format. Senjou no Valkyria is currently in development by the core staff of the Sakura Wars series.

Sega's presentation was given by Yakuza producer Toshihiro Nagoshi, who appeared onstage wearing a kimono and with two Geisha girls on his sides. Nagoshi explained that he is currently working on two new titles for the PS3, with one being released next spring in Japan. He said he was originally planning to show a trailer during the event, but decided that the game wasn't up to his standards yet.

At Sega's private conference in September, Nagoshi hinted that his outfit was a clue about the game. Nagoshi said that the new game will be the biggest project he's worked on yet, and it will be a new challenge for his Yakuza development team as well. He barely mentioned the second title that he's working on, only saying that it should be announced in the not-too-distant future.

Koei also announced that Shin Sengoku Musou 5 (Dynasty Warriors 6) is currently in development for the PlayStation 3. The game will allow more freedom for players to strategically interact with the game environment, allowing them to climb a ladder to see from above and swim through rivers to get to the opposite shore. The game will feature new weapons, character designs, and new combination attacks. Shin Sengoku Musou 5 is slated for a fall release in Japan and will be playable at TGS.

At the end of the press conference, Sony ran trailers of a number of other titles that weren't covered at the stage show, including Disgaea 3 (Nippon Ichi Software), Tears to Tiara (Aquaplus), Dark Sector (D3Publisher), Wangan Midnight (Genki), Heavenly Sword (SCE), Lair (SCE), Vampire Rain (AQ Interactive), Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End (Disney Interactive), Army of Two (Electronic Arts), and Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (Pandemic Studios & EA).

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Cloud_Strife27x ur such a dumbass how could you talk crap about PS3 and your pic is of Final Fantasy 7, what a smuck, PS3 has too many games 2 name for you to bring up a mesily lil halo and bioshock, ur pic alone shows a game worth a million words thats PS3 property, You should say games like Tekken 6, MGS4, Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy 7, Killzone 2, but wait ur just a child n haven't seen 2 many games.

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i liked to be able to play resident evil 5 using a gun controller one day. That would be cool

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Just got Tekken 5 DR Online from the Japanese PS Store, its awesome!!!

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I knew this day woul come, all of us Sony owners standing here on top. I think it's great. People were so quick to judge, and it became so lame to here everyday that PS3 was losing and PS3 this and PS3 that. I work for a major shipping company and everyday I see 3 or 4 white box's that are about 15X12X5 with a 3 Day delivery label on it being returned/repaired. Do you know what those boxes hold? Thats right. XBOX 360's. Everyday I see these kids, teenagers and adults bringing these in. And I know if I'm getting 3 or 4 of them the next guy down the street is probably getting a couple a day too. I would love to go back to the gaming store where I purchased my PS3 and let them know that I have the same one I bought 6 months ago, but because of their Microsoft fanboyism I just don't. Too bad, I definitly believe in the old saying "patience is a virtue." My patience definitly paid off.

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Finally Tekken 6 will grace the arcade ,but I wonder if you will still be able to plug in your controller, or if they're are planning something with the Sixxaxis controller? And who care which is better 360 or Ps3, they just want your money

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wow.. this is funny... some1 b4 said the ps3 gets bad ports cuz it's not as good as the 360... wat a fool... i'd like to see the 360 handle Killzone 2... impossible... the lighting engine is way too powerful and i'm guessing the other engines in this game may be too

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Agreed ( Some_One_Plays)

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Cloud_Strife37x are you really exited about halo 3? the other games on the xbox tryed to make the graphics as good as possible and it ended up as 2 over hyped up games with bad framerates. not the game I am going to burden my 360 with. Im buying GOOD games for my ps3 instead.

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To: the_new_neo I think that's true and with the PlayStation 3 I think with the ratio of good games compared to other systems is pretty high. Just this year a lone will be amazing for PlayStation 3 gamers.

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As much as i agree that playstation 3 is better than the 360, whoever has the most games is not a very good way to show it. Playstation is better because of its superior graphics etc.

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Ok people! Let's check the scoreboards! PS3-Okay how many games was that from just these companies....bahh...I don't care for counting them all. Microsoft-1(Halo 3)...oh wait! Bioshock and Mass Effect... that's 3... -------------I'm no genious, but I think I see a winner in the future....

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KronikKilla, thanks for showing up to bash the PS3. You've done you family proud. But you're wrong. PS3 is outselling 360 right now and is likely to surpass 360 sales in about half a year say analysts. Your also wrong about judging the systems performance on early games and ports. Was the PS2 better than xbox just because MGS2 ran far better on it? Nope. And ports don't count when comparing system performance. Rather, look at some of the 1st party games. Games on PS3 have easily outclassed 360 games within an equal amount of time in its equivalent life cycle. Graphically; Heavenly Sword beats anything on 360 (yes even 'gears') by a wide margin. So do many upcoming titles. Sony is looking very strong in the worldwide scene whereas Microsoft is merely delaying the inevitable decay of their premature lead.

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"So they can gain more ground and be by far best selling next-gen console (Wii is current gen as far as I'm concerned) there." ROFL. Everything is current-gen. Last I checked, all consoles are out, so how are they next gen? Any other buzzwords you want to spew out? And I hate to tell you all this, but Japan doesn't matter anymore, North America has FAR surpassed Japan in the number of gamers, and the amount of money/contributions made to the industry. And the fanboys continue to try and convince everyone their OPINION is fact, which it never will be. If you rely on Japan so much, than the Wii is the best system out, in fact, anywhere you look the Wii is outselling the PS3 and Xbox 360 by quite a bit. They haven't topped the total sales of 360 yet, but it will happen soon. On paper the PS3 is the worst system out. Sells the least, has the least amount of games, and isn't powerful enough to replicate the graphics of a first-gen 360 title in a side by side comparison. Ports of 360 games don't ever look as good on PS3, its been said by reviewer after reviewer. So, does that change anyone's mind? OF COURSE NOT, because you will like what you will like. Let people be on what system they like, all are getting great games, and come Christmas everyone will be happy. I have all 3 consoles, so I personally can't wait for the absolute onslaught of games this holiday season. Good thing it snows, or else I wouldn't have enough time to play all of'em.

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let's finish the console wars: X360 is a really good machine but PS3 is very better. if you compare the titles and the hardwares you'll find out why I'm sayin' it. anyway against the PLAYSTATION

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:) Dynasty Warriors 6 ( I know its the same game from Dynasty Warriors 2 but i don't care)

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please do not release Vampire Rain on the Ps3 that game is awful.

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I don't understand. whats the bid deal with dynasty warriors??? Its so repetitive. But yeah ps3 all the way. 360's are faulty and PS3's have better exclusives. enough said

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CrystalHunter83 i agree with u :D I dont like Halo either, i mean its a good enough story and all, but its seen so many times the alien concept, its like Unreal, and that came before halo, and i mean Halo - yes it fun online - but damnit UNreal is fun online too, anyways i went with the 360 cause i didnt have patience for the ps3, i dont regret anything - or i didnt regret anything cause i just got a ps3 lol, so everything is fine! But believe u me when i say ps3 is HOT! :P I'm waiting for Kingdom Hearts III :D My bro is waiting for MGS4 :P :D

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Anyone saw the Metal Gear demo ??? OMG !!! It will be one of the best game of its generation.I hesitated between PS3 and X360 and i went with the PS3.Then i saw that demo and i was soooo proud of myself. FFXIII....GT5.....GoW3.....i feel like a child in a candy store :p Bioshock for X360 look amazing too but i hate Halo.Why ? I hate FPS with silly alien gun that shoot plasma ball and sh** like that but hey its my point of view.

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Man I hope they put Dynasty Warriors 6 on the Xbox 360...

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I love the gran tourismo series. But what does that mean for north america?

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for my ps3 i will be getting metal gear 4, gran turismo 5, the getaway 3, maybe time crisis and thats it, my 360 will be getting the new gta, new smackdown new fifa n pes, gears of war 2, halo 3, splinter cell conviction. I feel the ps3 has better graphics but i dont care for many of the exclusives and seeing as i prefer playing with friends over xbox live for me the 360 is the better system... i think its all down to personal preferences.

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Well, well...I thought that people would stop to be fan boys, saying which system is better. Sony, microsoft and nintendo have something in common, they just want our stop being a fan boy, respect the games, there are great games coming out for all the systems.......oh wait, Why am I missing my time trying to convince a fanboy, there is no hope with them

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Playstation 3 = Time Crisis 4, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, Digaea 3, Dynasty Warriors 6, Unreal Tournament III, Metal Gear Solid 4, Ratchet & Clank Future, Warhawk, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, Tekken 6, Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy XIII, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, God of War III, LittleBigPlanet, The Getaway 3, Socom: Confrontation, Resistance: Fall of Man, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Xbox 360 = Halo 3....uhh...BioShock...Mass Effect....uhh......oh Splinter Cell Conviction...uhh....... Take it from someone who owns both systems: Playstation > Xbox 360

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damn DW6 , that worth 500 bucks alone

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360 is getting unreal and im not a fan boy im just clarifying

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Well to be honest the 360 is just collecting dust on my entertainment system. But I don't think I would sell it though, simply because if Shenmue III ever comes out it might be released for the 360. But I really hope they would port the game to sonys PS3 because it's just so much better! I mean imagine the next gen Shenmue on the new playstation hardware!!!!

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I'm really glad I sold my 360 the other day now, nothing new really coming out on it except FPS, even then, the best FPS is going to come out on the ps3, and thats UNREAL 3, 360 users will have to wait till well into next year. On top of all the bad things going on over the 360, they now have admitted that all 360 released up until just a couple of months ago are faulty, this is the reason why they have given the THREE YEARS warranty,. Lets not forget their number one man at the front has also deserted them, and that would be Peter Moor, he is now head of a team that is developing games for the PS3 and 360 WOW, that one must really sting the xbox 360. The 360 is a good machine, it just has way to many hardware bugs and faults, if you buy prepared to send it back again and again and again.

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"The question for me anymore is not whether the PS3 has enough games for me to buy one, but if it can make me feel like I'm missing out by *only* having a 360. Nope. Not yet. Not close. I see sequels, non-exclusives, and 3rd-rate franchises. Almost all of these games can be put into one of these categories." Then I pity you.

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Between the Japanese games, GT Prologue, Tekken 6, and Time Crisis 4, I think it was a pretty good press conference. Plus it's good they showed off some trailers for games that didn't get enough coverage at E3, like Lair, Heavenly Sword, Dark Sector, Army of Two, and Mercenaries 2. And of course, it's good to see them appealing to the Eastern market like they did with the two former consoles. Which is important, because the PS3 is going somewhat strong in Japan, being that they just broke the million mark there. Even better, even with the year head start, the 360 hasn't passed half a million. So they can gain more ground and be by far best selling next-gen console (Wii is current gen as far as I'm concerned) there.

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Senjou no Valkyria (The Valkyrie of War) looks kind of interesting and this canvas thing sounds cool too. But i guess i'll have to wait and see.

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Hopefully these games get localized for English speaking countries. I've played enough imported Japanese games to know not all the coolest games are imported to the US.

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what is the url for the official website of DW6?

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Dynasty Warriors 6 is going to be awesome. Anybody checked out the official site yet. Graphics are 10x better the than the Gundam game. Lu Bu and Zhao Yun look absolutely awesome. Plus almost every aspect of the game is getting a major overhaul. Some scans cameout saying that basically the new attack system is much. Sounds kinda like the s-string goes on for a very long time. You can check this site for more info. Just go to the forum if you want to discuss it. I'm so psyched.

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GT5P, Time Crisis 4, and Tekken 6. YESSSSS DW6 in three months?! That's news to me.

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I wanna see what this Nobinobi Boy is all about.

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Dynasty Warriors 6? A MUST GET!

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sweet go ps3

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Tekken 6...for Playstation 3... *Drool* I can't wait. I hope there is "Devil Kazuya" and "True Orge" both in Tekken 6. That would be pretty bad @#$(

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gfgfggf fayt nel abel

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That's what I like about the PS3, the variety of games simply crushes that of the X360. And the 1st party titles which I believe can only be found on the PS3 and not say, the PC, are totally mind-blowing and are amongst the best in their respective genres. I mean the biggest games coming out for the PS3 encompass just about every genre.

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The question for me anymore is not whether the PS3 has enough games for me to buy one, but if it can make me feel like I'm missing out by *only* having a 360. Nope. Not yet. Not close. I see sequels, non-exclusives, and 3rd-rate franchises. Almost all of these games can be put into one of these categories.

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GT 5 looks amazing, im gonna spend more time taking photos than racing ha ha. Mine 360 owning friend tought Forza 2 was the best looking racing game till he saw these in game shots

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woah! they are still making dynasty warriors games? sweeeeet....:) LONG LIVE BUTTON-MASHING!

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I really hope Dynasty Warriors 6 =/= Dynasty Warriors 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 And also, thank God