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New PS3 details next week?

Koei president announces he expects new information on the PS3 during a licensee-only meeting next week in Japan.


TOKYO--Sony Computer Entertainment has been adamantly silent to the press about any new details regarding its PlayStation 3. It also appears it hasn't been talking much to its third-party publishing partners either. While Koei has always been a top SCE supporter, releasing a new game around the launch of each PlayStation, it hasn't heard any word on the forthcoming next-gen console.

That may soon change, though. At a Tokyo press conference today, Koei president Kiyoshi Komatsu stated that SCE is holding a conference next week, and he expects to receive updates then. "I really have no [new] information on the PlayStation 3," said Komatsu. "[But] SCE will be holding a presentation next week on the 15th. We expect there will be some new information regarding the PS3 then."

GameSpot confirmed with SCE that a meeting will indeed be taking place next week. However, it will be limited to third-party publishers only, with no press access.

Whether SCE will be unveiling anything big during the meeting, such as the widely rumored PS3 launch delay, is unknown at the current time. Komatsu's final words during his conference today indicate that SCE may itself still be unsure about what it will announce. "I've been consulted with SCE about what kind of details they should announce," said Komatsu. "I've told them that I'm hoping they will make an announcement that will heat up the game industry."

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