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New Prince Of Persia Escape Room Sure Looks Like Prince Of Persia

Ubisoft's new Prince Of Persia project is an escape room, and its first screenshots look straight out of Sands of Time.


Like Assassin's Creed before it, Prince of Persia is becoming a VR escape room game that's only available in certain locations. The first screenshots of Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time have emerged, and it has the same aesthetic that the franchise has used since its heyday in the mid-2000s with the Sands of Time trilogy.

Dagger of Time was previously announced to feature the return of Kaileena, a character from Warrior Within and Two Thrones. The escape room will support two, three, or four players, with the puzzles adjusting depending on the number of participants. As its subtitle implies, one player will control the Dagger of Time, which will allow them to rewind, pause, and fast-forward the action, as in previous games in the franchise.

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As many long-suffering PoP fans well know, this will be the first entry in the series in over a decade, since 2010's Forgotten Sands concluded the Sands of Time cycle. The 2008 reboot of the franchise--taking place in a different world than Sands of Time--never received any sort of follow-up, despite fairly strong reviews. Recently, footage of a cancelled Prince of Persia game from 2012 emerged on YouTube, and it resembled the combat-heavy gameplay of the original God of War series.

Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time opens worldwide this spring. For a full list of locations, you can use the interactive map on the Ubisoft Escape Games website.

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