New Portal Game Announced, Is A Crossover With Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor Portal exists and is out soon.

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A new Portal game has been announced, though it's a little different to previous titles in the series. It's called Bridge Constructor Portal, and it's a crossover between Valve's puzzle franchise and, you guessed it, Bridge Constructor.

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As in the mainline Bridge Constructor series, the game tasks you with getting a truck from one side of the screen to the other, except this time you achieve that by placing portals in the right locations to warp your vehicle to the exit. It's coming to PC and mobile on December 20, with "console versions" following in "early 2018." Developers ClockStone Software and Headup Games did not state which consoles they were referring to, but the above trailer features logos for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, so it's safe to assume the game is coming to those platforms at least.

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This isn't the first strange Portal crossover: Rocket League received Portal-themed DLC in 2015 and Valve's series also made an appearance in Lego Dimensions (including one Easter egg never seen in the main Portal games). Outside of those cameos, the last full Portal title, Portal 2, launched in 2011. A Portal movie is also in development from Star Wars: The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams, though there has been no update on that since September 2016, when Abrams said he hoped the film would be fully revealed soon.

In the meantime, check out some images and a trailer for Bridge Constructor Portal above. What do you think of the crossover? Let us know in the comments.

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Wow. Even the Switch has it! Nice!

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teppolundgren could finish Episode 3.......

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What is Valve even doing with all its cash? Most companies use their cash to make more cash but Valve just lays around like a fat cat doing nothing productive with its huge cash reserves.

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Valve Software doesn't develop video games anymore, even the games released under the "Valve Software" banner are typically by and large developed by some Mod Team they contracted to develop the game for them or otherwise bought out/hired.

Almost 3 years ago now at GDC 2015 Gabe Newell stated in an interview (albeit in a PR-friendly roundabout manner) that Valve Software was going to focus on the development of Online Multiplayer games with microtransactions because they're cheaper/easier to produce and beget a higher profit, ergo anyone who is expecting Valve to develop Single Player games should begin looking elsewhere, because it isn't going to happen.

Avatar image for Barighm

@Blk_Mage_Ctype: They also said multiplayer games are just more fun in general and they want to produce fun games, but yeah, it's probably has more to do with the money.

Avatar image for CeltaVigo
CeltaVigo least make Left 4 Dead 3.

Avatar image for wretch1d

cashing in on the mobile market

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Call me when they make a super duper Portal-Half life 3 hybrid plez? Thx

They could have Black Mesa steal Aperture science' portal gun technology and you have to get revenge. Imagine enemy aliens using portal guns against you! Shocking.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

valve might know a thing or two about making money... nobody is disputing this... but they no longer know what it means to be a game publisher and put out games people actually want to play! let's not get into detail about how badly managed steam is now with all of the shovelware and trash tarnishing its platform. when was the last time valve did something that was worth celebrating?

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

@Xristophoros: the last thing valve did worth celebrating?? Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal 2.....and if you wanna get technical The Passing DLC was the last thing they did....

since then they've dropped the ball on's sad too cus even their big writers left LMAO the guys who wrote Half Life, Left 4 Dead, Portal gone....

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@MJ12-Conspiracy: They left cause they were getting paid but not writing anything. As fun as it is getting paid to do nothing I'm sure they wanted to write new stories.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@MJ12-Conspiracy: i loved portal 2, but that was almost 7 years ago now! hard to believe... yea, valve is still put on a pedestal for some reason, despite them being a shadow of their former selves when it comes to publishing games.

Avatar image for craigtl

Got super excited then disappointed. Im sure this game is cool for mobile but I would like a real portal game. Turing test did not come close...... they tried but it was just boring after a while.

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

at this point Valve is just being insulting......10 fracking years and still no conclusion to Half Life 2 episodes story.......this is a joke.....


Avatar image for playstationzone

@MJ12-Conspiracy: Valve did lie about half life 3 or EP3 he didn’t say it was cancelled but ya the boss of Valve lie to all of us.

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For people complaining about Valve, their lack of interest and etc... It's pretty simple: just don't use Steam anymore. There's other similar options with much superior user interfaces (the Steam UI is pathetic, I laughed when Valve announced their operative system), similar prices, etc.. Partially kill Steam = they will remember how to count to 3. It's really that simple, we have to hit them were it hurts.

Avatar image for PyreofKoL

@gleencross: You're not wrong, but, as @Metallic_Blade said, it's impractical. Given how much it would cost to migrate one's library to another service and that you wouldn't be able to repurchase many of those's just too late right now for that to work. I have no idea if there's another way, but you're right: Valve needs to made to stand up and take notice.

Avatar image for Metallic_Blade

@gleencross: Yeah, thats kinda unpractical to do. Unless the user strictly plays on the other three evils (EA's Origin, Ubisoft's Uplay, or the Microsoft Store) or one of the DRM-free ones like GoG or Itch (Which don't have as good as a library), there's not much choice. And forget about playing any 2K games without having to use Steam... it's tied into it. Humble-bundle, G2A, and others mostly also only use Steam for their purchased (Like you even own any of these games to begin with) games. Face it, Valve controls the majority of the PC game market.

PS. **** you Valve for hardly doing jack-shit on Half-Life 3.

Avatar image for gleencross

@Metallic_Blade: Well, GOG is the legit answer. The other 3 evils can get better, but GOG is the only bright side we have. The only advantage of Steam is their library, that can easy be achievable by other service if it gets popular enough. Gamers needs to chose GOG over steam, even if you have to expend 5~10 dollars more for the same game. The same people who developed Witcher 3 also helped GOG, it's the same company and shit, so they deserve the love. Valve became a problem with time, it's only impracticable to get rid of them if you don't have enough goodwill. I have 26 games purchased on Steam, I would gladly got rid of all of them for a better service.

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Aww shit! GOTY 2018, baby!!!

Avatar image for jcharp

Sure, it's not the Portal game I would have asked for, but it still looks like a fun puzzle game. I might check it out.

Avatar image for playstationzone

Who ask for this and fans want half life 3 and so do I .

Avatar image for gargar


It is time to let it go... There won't be an HL3.

Avatar image for Fartman7998


Avatar image for blondie_82

Who asked for this?

Avatar image for hardcoregamer1

Valve dont care about making great AAA games anymore they are making too much money off steam, too much money can kill a person creativity, if steam was a flop valve would be given us the next half life 3.

Avatar image for UnderSeven

So you're saying, it might not be what we expect, implying we would expect portal 3? I mean. This isn't our first rodeo, Valve doesn't count to 3, everyone knows that.

I promise you no one was expecting a portal 3 announcement, no one is ever expecting a portal 3 announcement.

Avatar image for pfjarschel

@UnderSeven: Well, I am now

Avatar image for HarlemVIP

Nah, we're not gonna keep a great thing going and give them Portal 3....we're gonna throw them a curve ball JUST BECAUSE WE CAN.

Sigh....freaking hell....

Avatar image for Xirtahm

Valve is just terrified of the number 3, period. :|

Avatar image for Starshine_M2A2

Of all the games they could have announced...

Avatar image for sircolby45

I will probably try it, but what I REALLY want is Portal 3! Why Valve...Why can't you count to 3?!?!

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As long as Wheatley's not in it then I'm looking forward to it.

Avatar image for rob21103

@ECH71: WHAT?!!! I loved Wheatley. I thought he was hilarious and I liked his voice. Oh well to each their own, still great games though.

Avatar image for Starshine_M2A2

@ECH71: What’s wrong with Wheatley? Apart from the obvious.

Avatar image for ECH71

@Starshine_M2A2: Everything. Trying too hard to be funny but wasn't funny. The voice was annoying, the accent felt out of place. A silent Wheatley would have been funnier...

Cave Johnson was the only good addition to the game, except the portrait of him and his fugly a** sideburns!

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OK, I know people dislike valve rn, but this could be good. Lets not downplay it

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