New Pokémon may erase GBA data

Bug in Pokémon: Fushigi no Dungeon Blue for DS may erase saved information on Game Boy Advance cartridges.


TOKYO--In Japan, Nintendo has sent a warning to consumers that the latest Pokémon game for the DS, Pokémon: Fushigi no Dungeon Blue, may accidentally wipe out saved data on Game Boy Advance cartridges. The company will be shipping out bug-free replacements soon.

Nintendo simultaneously released two versions of Fushigi no Dungeon on November 17 in Japan--one for the DS (Fushigi no Dungeon Blue) and one for the GBA (Fushigi no Dungeon Red). The DS version accesses the handheld's GBA slot so that if players also have the GBA version inserted, they can play with data from the cartridge. However, a problem with the game can delete saved data if an unrelated GBA game is present in the slot instead.

Nintendo states that the issue can be avoided by making sure that unrelated GBA games aren't inserted in the DS while playing Fushigi no Dungeon Blue and also says that there are no issues as long as the GBA game is Fushigi no Dungeon Red. But for consumers who are having problems, the company will replace their copy of Fushigi no Dungeon Blue with a free fixed edition, which is expected to ship around December 8. Consumers can apply online for the replacement on Nintendo's official Web site.

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