New Pokemon Sword & Shield Trailer Gives Us A Tour Of A Charming Town

Take a tour of one of the towns you'll visit in the Galar region.

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Gamescom 2019 is officially underway. Following Nintendo's Indie World showcase on Monday (you can catch up on all the news from that in our recap), Pokemon Sword and Shield developer Game Freak shared a new gameplay clip of the Switch Pokemon games, giving players a closer look at one of the first areas they'll explore in the upcoming titles.

The video, which you can watch below, gives viewers a brief tour of one of the quaint, English-inspired towns that players will visit on their journey across the Galar region. While brief, we get to see a few notable landmarks in the clip, including a Galarian Pokemon Center, the Pokemon Research Lab where Professor Magnolia conducts her studies, and a few other facilities, such as a boutique shop (where players will be able to purchase you clothing items for their avatar) and a rail station.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have been gradually revealing more details about Pokemon Sword and Shield in the lead up to their launch. Ahead of the Pokemon World Championships last week, we got to see a new trailer that showcased some new Pokemon Abilities and held items, such as Galarian Weezing's Neutralizing Gas, which negates the Abilities of every other Pokemon on the field.

The Pokemon Company also shared more details about how online battling will work in Sword and Shield. The games will feature both Ranked and Casual battle modes; the former has players earning points after every battle, which will increase their standing in the different ranked tiers. The titles will also occasionally host special online competitions, like those that are run through the Pokemon Global Link website for Sun/Moon and their Ultra counterparts.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch for Nintendo Switch on November 15. Players will need to have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to take advantage of the games' online features. You can see all of the new Gen 8 Pokemon revealed so far in our gallery. For more information about the titles, including where you can secure a copy, be sure to check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield pre-order guide.

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