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New Pokemon Stop-Motion Series Announced For Netflix, Features Pokemon On Vacation

Pokemon Concierge is coming to Netflix.


A new Pokemon series has been announced for Netflix. Pokemon Concierge is a Netflix show based on the popular monster-catching series, and it's in the works at Dwarf Studio. This will be a stop-motion animated series.

Netflix APAC executive Minyoung Kim said Pokemon Concierge is an "entirely new storyline that expands the Pokemon universe with groundbreaking stop-motion animation."

The series is set at Pokemon Resort, with the Pokemon themselves visiting at guests. You can see a brief teaser trailer below, featuring Psyduck. No release date has been announced as of yet.

Dwarf Studio is a French animation company known for its work on the Disney+ series Monsters at Work as well as My Dad the Bounty Hunter for Netflix.

Netflix already hosts multiple Pokemon series, including Pokemon Journeys: The Series and Pokemon The Series: Indigo League. Outside of TV, fans hoping to see a sequel to the Detective Pikachu film may want to get comfortable, as the film remains in limbo.

The Pokemon Company announced Pokemon Concierge during the February 27 Pokemon event today to celebrate Pokemon Day, which celebrates the series debut in 1996 with Pokemon Red/Green. Other news from the event included a new Pokemon Trading Card "Classic" set and updates for Pokemon Unite and Cafe Remix. The Pokemon Company also announced more details on Pokemon Sleep and new DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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