New Pokemon Spinoff Out Now

The Pokemon Company launches "Camp Pokemon"; it teaches you the basics of becoming a Pokemon Trainer.


The Pokemon Company has released a brand new spinoff game called Camp Pokemon, available today as a free download for iOS devices. Camp Pokemon, like its name suggests, is aimed to children. Players will virtually travel to Camp Pokemon and take part in all manner of Pokemon-themed activities to help them become Pokemon Trainers.

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Some of the activities in Camp Pokemon include mini-games focused on how to find Pokemon and throw Poke Balls to catch them. Players will also learn about the evolution chains of Pokemon, as well as basics about matchups. For completing activities, players will earn Pokemon Pins for their virtual pin book, as well as various rewards that unlock new levels of activities.

Camp Pokemon also features a virtual photo booth where players can take and save photos of themselves using their iPhone or iPad camera. They can then decorate these photos with Pokemon-themed stickers that are earned through gameplay.

You can download Camp Pokemon today through this link. A trailer is available above. The Pokemon Company made no mention of launching Camp Pokemon for Android or Windows devices.

Camp Pokemon is the latest Pokemon game available for mobile devices. It follows Pokemon TV, Pokemon TCG Online, and Pokedex. Outside of iOS devices, The Pokemon Company will launch Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby for 3DS on November 21.

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