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New Pokemon Snap Videos Show Off Free DLC Levels And Pokemon

Take another look at New Pokemon Snap's three new areas, which are being added as part of a free update on August 3.


New Pokemon Snap is receiving a free content update on August 3. The update introduces three brand-new areas to explore as well as 20 additional Pokemon to photograph, and The Pokemon Company has now given us another look at the new areas ahead of their arrival.

The company shared brief videos of each of the three new areas on Twitter. The first area, Mightywide River, takes you down a jungle river, where newly added Pokemon like Swampert and Feraligatr can be seen swimming in the water around you.

The second area, Barren Badlands, is an arid desert punctuated with poisonous swamps and large canyon walls. The area is home to a handful of new Pokemon, including Tepig, Swalot, Rockruff, and Onix.

The final new area is called Secret Side Path, and it's a new variation of the Nature Park level. This time, your Neo-One shrinks to a microscopic size, letting you view the area and the Pokemon that inhabit it from an insect's perspective. You can watch a clip of the area below.

Like the other levels in the game, all three of the aforementioned areas will feature day and night versions. The free New Pokemon Snap update is schedule to go live at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET on August 3, according to the official Pokemon website.

New Pokemon Snap launched on Nintendo Switch back in April. We gave the photography spin-off an 8/10 in our New Pokemon Snap review, with critic Jenae Sitzes writing, "20 years later, taking photos of Pokemon in the wild remains as fun and exhilarating as it always was, and though it's been a long time coming, New Pokemon Snap was worth the wait."

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