New Pokemon Snap PSA: Don't Get Caught Up Completing Requests

Your team members give you a ton of requests to fulfill, but if you're just looking to advance through the story, you can skip them.


After you've discovered the first Illumina Spot in New Pokemon Snap, you'll begin receiving requests from Professor Mirror and the other members of your research team. You can view these requests by pressing Y while on the Research Camp screen, and they typically ask you to snap photos of Pokemon performing rare behaviors. However, if you're just trying to play through the game, you can safely skip them and come back later, as they have no bearing on your story progress.

In fact, it's generally a good idea not to get caught up completing requests right away and only focus on them after you've cleared the story and are working on filling out your Photodex. Not only are there a ton of requests to fulfill in the game, but many of them are cryptic or impossible to complete until you've unlocked higher Research Levels.

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The requests will become much more important once you're focused on filling out your Photodex. Each request essentially serves as a hint on how to photograph a Pokemon performing a special behavior, so they're vital if you're striving to snap up rare three- and four-star photos. If you're just trying to see the credits, however, it's best to return to them later.

New Pokemon Snap is out exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Like its predecessor, however, the game is often vague about what you need to do to progress, so if you ever find yourself stuck, be sure to check out our essential beginner tips, as well as how many Pokemon there are in the game. We've also put together guides on the biggest changes from the original Pokemon Snap and how to find the Seafloor Illumina Pokemon, one of the more elusive monsters in the game.

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