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New Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Trailer Introduces Custom TMs

The latest look at Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has briefly shown off a new gameplay system for crafting your very own TMs.


With only a few more weeks to go until it launches on November 18, a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has gone live. While previous teasers showed off toxic monkeys, new battle footage, and gameplay mechanics that make your pocket monster shine bright like a diamond, today's trailer is a deeper dive into the Paldea region.

At around 14 minutes in length, this week's trailer is a very thorough exploration of the journeys that you'll be able to undertake in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and some of its new gameplay mechanics. One of the big additions to this new Pokemon game is the ability to craft your own technical machines using resources dropped from Pokemon that have been caught or defeated in battle. The Pokemon Company didn't go too deep into how many "TMs" can be crafted or how to unlock recipes, but from the video shown off, it looks like you can create TMs based on classic Pokemon abilities using League Points, berries, and other materials.

The rest of the video showed off more of the customization that you'll be able to experiment with, Girafarig's new evolution that transforms it into Farigiraf, and a sandwich-making activity.

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