New Pokemon Go Update Arrives, Here's What It Does

New egg patterns and more.


Niantic has launched a new update for the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. As announced on the game's website, the update adds new egg patterns and notification features, among other things.

Specifically, the pattern on eggs will vary depending on the distance required to hatch them. You can see what this looks like in the image below.

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Additionally, each Pokemon's info screen has been updated to include Pokemon type icons, while the game will also now alert you to when the Pokemon Go Plus battery gets low. Lastly, the update also adds "minor text fixes," though Niantic did not provide any specifics on what's changed.

With the update applied, Pokemon Go should be version 0.43.3 on Android and 1.13.3 on iOS. You can see the patch notes below, as written by Niantic.

Pokemon Go October 23 Patch Notes

  • Professor Willow discovered that Eggs have different patterns depending on the distance required to hatch them.
  • Pokemon type icons have been added to the information screen for each Pokemon.
  • Low battery indicator added for the Pokemon GO Plus.
  • Minor text fixes

In other news about Pokemon Go, Niantic has announced the game's first-ever in-game event for Halloween. As part of the event, spooky Pokemon like Gastly and Haunter will show up more often. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to earn extra Pokemon Candy. Read GameSpot's previous coverage to learn more about Pokemon Go's Halloween event.

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