New Pokemon Go Update Arrives, Here's What It Does (Not Much)

The newest update for Pokemon Go has arrived.


Niantic has released a new update for Pokemon Go--but don't expect any new features.

The newest update, which landed on December 19 for iOS and Android, includes mostly bug fixes and other minor refinements. Specifically, the update fixes a bug that made the game issue vibration notifications at the wrong time. Additionally, the update tweaks the game's day and night modes to better reflect the player's actual time of day. Some text fixes are also included.

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In other news about Pokemon Go, Niantic has announced some massive statistics for the game, including the fact that people have collectively walked the equivalent of 200,000 trips around the Earth in search of Pokemon. Additionally, players have caught 88 billion Pokemon, which comes out to about 533 million every day.

Pokemon Go December 19 Patch Notes (0.510 for Android and 1.21.0 for iOS):

  • The bug that caused incorrect vibration notifications has been fixed.
  • Day and night modes have changed to more accurately reflect the Trainer’s current time of day.
  • Minor text fixes.

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