New Pokemon Go Quest System May Be On The Way

Pokemon Go may introduce a major new feature in the future.


A new Pokemon Go update has been released, and it's relatively tame. It makes some improvements to the News section and makes it easier to find Shiny Pokemon on the Collection screen, but it's ultimately not the sort of major update that players are most excited for. However, if the sleuthing done by some fans is correct, it may have set the stage for a new story quest system.

In a post on the subreddit dedicated to Pokemon fan community The Silph Road, the "teardown" of the new update's code has been posted, and it has some interesting findings. Aside from the details that have been highlighted in the update's patch notes, it also points out how quests are potentially being revamped. Whereas the word "quest" was previously used for tracking the daily catch and PokeStop bonuses, it's now attached to a variety of other elements.

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While the existence of this doesn't guarantee that any such features will ever actually appear in the game, they do offer a tantalizing tease for what could be on the way. There is seemingly support for quests that require multiple objectives, which can include hatching an egg, winning a Gym battle, leveling up, or completing a Raid battle. There are also references to pre-requisites for quests and new characters, who can have different expressions (either happy or "unset").

Again, none of this is actually available in-game, and there's no telling how soon--if ever--we see any of these features added. But for players who are looking for more to do, or those who have lost interest in the grind, these additions could breathe new life into the game.

What we do know for sure is on the way is another Pokemon Go Community Day event. Like the first one in January, this will offer a chance to catch a Pokemon (Dratini) with a special move it wouldn't normally have. The move hasn't been announced, but with the event coming up on February 24, we should receive more details soon.

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